Our Organization

We aim at achieving high performance in the management function by having a clear organizational structure with defined responsibilities and authorities.

We will continuously work to improve our different management systems, with particular attention on increasing the use of data technology in the management, information, and communication systems.

Our Experiences

We boast of experienced staffs that have significant knowledge and in-depth understanding of fulfilling crew requirements. Our staff has vast knowledge about interviewing, training, and handling the documents of seafarers and crews.

By following and adopting advanced company operating methods and management, the response time to ship owners is considerably shortened through a computer system that matches seafarers to a company and its vessels.

Our database contains particulars of all vessels our staff has worked on.

Our checking and verification methods ensures that the seafarers we supply possess the training, skills, and qualifications as stated in their certificates and licenses and that all the persons meet the STCW 95/98 convention standards as well as the ISM Code.

Benefits of our Services
  • Flexible and fast decision-making makes it possible for us to quickly respond to the requests of our clients. Providing these services has given us an insight into government departments and agencies along with the experience and contact network required for the successful negotiation on behalf of principals.
  • We also fully appreciate how vitally important it is to provide extra special and personal attention from every outset in order to establish both trust and close long-term partnership with our valued clients.
  • The time-consuming task of recruiting, screening, interviewing, selecting, and hiring is assumed by us, leaving you more time for other areas of management that contribute to your company's financial success.
  • We provide our services in accordance with the quality assurance system in compliance with the ISM code. All services we offer will consistently meet and exceed the requirements of the clients.
  • We assure that the experience of collaborating with us is permanent, secure, and reliable.
Our Business Policies
  • We provide ship management services distinguished in crew management.
  • We provide high-quality services that are monitored by a quality assurance system.
  • We do not participate in any practices that are unsafe.
  • We always respect the confidentially of each owner's business and activity.
  • We are in this business to make profit and friends.
  • We maintain proper records and shall demonstrate that the services conform to the quality system.
  • We provide seabase technical support to make the vessel seaworthy.
  • We recognize that human resources both on-shore and on-board are the key elements in a quality operation.
  • We continuously improve our performance by promoting professionalism and skills as well as by motivating the employees on several levels for their development so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.
Our Qualities

First-class service, Protection of the environment, Innovative thinking, Ambition, and Enthusiasm are the qualities that have seen us through the challenges in the past and hopefully in the future too.

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