A company interested in our services in connection with the supply of crews may contact us for further discussion and consulting. On reaching a mutual understanding, a Manning Agreement and Special Power of Attorney is executed by the Principal and signed by the Company’s Managing Director or authorized representative and sent to us.

Before employment, we ensure that seafarers have medical clearance from medical centers. The examinations and tests include the following:

  1. Chest X-ray
  2. Total blood count
  3. Blood type
  4. Urinalysis
  5. Stool examination
  6. Dental checkup
  7. Psychometric examination
  8. Visual acuity and color reception by the Ishihara test
  9. Eudiometry
  10. Speech test
  11. Electrocardiogram for ≥40 year-old crew
  12. Other test as recommended by the examining physician
  13. Additional tests may include tests for drug and alcohol, AIDS, hepatitis antigen, kidney and bladder ultrasound, and others as recommended by the company, as well as vaccinations for seafarers on vessels trading in specific areas.

Our reservation department arranges airline tickets for departing crews. Ticket issued in Bangladesh has flexibility for departure. Notice period of 15 days is normal to dispatch a full crew to a port. War zones take longer to meet an emergency, that is, notice of only 3 days. We maintain record of stand-by a complete crew list of all ratings.

However, arrival time at a joining port may vary depending on visa requirement of the country. If the seaman requires visa for any country, we ask for the following:

  1. Guarantee letter from the appointed shipping Company/ agency.
  2. Flight ticket
  3. Visa process fees in Bangladeshi Taka

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