The foundation of SKE is firm, solid, and steady as we have always followed and adhered to the core principles of our organization.

Our values are integrated in all our services, processes, and everyday work routine.
  • INTEGRITY: We believe in doing business the way it should be done by being honest, open and straight forward, and by never over-promising what we can deliver. We develop relationship that is built on mutual trust.
  • RESPONSIBILTY: We understand that businesses cannot be done in isolation, rather it requires a global society and environment. That's why we act mindfully of our impact, by not just delivering economic value but also adding value to everyone and everything we do.
  • EXCELLENCE: We believe in always striving to be the best at what we do. It is a daily challenge that we embark on, actively seeking ways to involve and do thing better.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We are Players that work together for a common good of our stockholders. Thatís why we believe in being inclusive, supportive, sharing, trustworthy, and open to the opinion of others.
  • FOCUS: We believe that our success depends on the success of our seafarer and ship-owners. It is a symbiotic relationship.
  • COMMITMENT: We believe that our people are our greatest assets that are imperative to making S.K Engineering shipping one of the most competitive and service-oriented brand. We create environment to develop their skills and maximize their career potential.
  • RESPECT: We treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves, thereby promoting a culture of open dialogues, tolerance, and selflessness. We are proud of our achievements, but never boastful. We are always welcoming and appreciating of peopleís opinion for our betterment.

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